Group activity tips

Do you have difficulty starting or even continuing with physical activity? Have you ever thought about trying out group exercise?

Group practice has several advantages, one of which is that you can have more stimulus to overcome difficulties.

In addition, doing an activity with friends is even more pleasurable, because it generates a greater release of endorphins, a hormone linked to the feeling of well-being. Not sure which activity to choose? Look at the options:

1. Spinning is a fun activity with high calorie expenditure

It is a success in gyms, spinning is practiced with an exercise bike that has variations in speed and strength.

However, his great advantage of the class is in the songs, since they dictate the rhythm of the class. Despite being a low-impact exercise, spinning is excellent for increasing cardiorespiratory endurance and still has a high caloric expenditure, since in a class of just 45 minutes, an average of 500 calories is lost.

2. Group running to create a habit once and for all in your routine

The good thing about running is that its modality does not require a lot of equipment, it just needs light and comfortable clothes and good shoes to absorb the impact, they are enough.

And it can be practiced both by those who have never done any physical activity and by those who already have a training routine. But before of course, it is essential to talk to a doctor to see if you are able to perform the exercise.

What’s more, you dictate the pace, as well as the place to be done, which preferably can be outdoors or indoors. The benefits of running are the loss of body fat, strengthening of the lower muscles and the feeling of well-being, being just a few of them.

3. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Having quick and easy sessions to fit into your schedule, it’s the training that has been conquering fans around the world. With its dynamic and intense exercises, the activity is perfect to be practiced in a group, because it can be done almost anywhere.

The method consists of alternating moments of high-intensity exercise, in which the body works close to its maximum capacity (above 80% of heart rate), with short, low-intensity exercises, rest, which can be stopped or still in motion, doing lighter exercises.

For example, you run 40 seconds at high intensity and walk for 20 seconds, then repeat this until you complete 15 minutes of training. The success of HIIT is mainly due to its promise of visible results faster than most other exercises.

4. Know the benefits of Muay Thai

It is definitely one of the most complete activities. With a very intense rhythm class, the workout consists of a mixture of stretches, push-ups, sit-ups, kicks and squats practically non-stop.

But, being a high-effort modality, the benefits are also great, such as improved flexibility, concentration, motor coordination and muscle definition.

5. Pilates an ideal activity to relax and keep the body healthy

It’s a real fever in the female universe, pilates is a very complete exercise that uses the strength and resistance of the muscles, helping to improve concentration and flexibility.

In addition, activity is also of fundamental importance to improve breathing control and to relieve stress. That is, it is a great option to relax on a troubled day.

The benefits of doing group activities

Increases motivation

For you who are lazy to exercise alone, group activities are the most suitable.

You can count on pleasant companies that seek the same goals, these activities offer a very promising result, causing you to be stimulated to practice continuously.

Improves social coexistence

Living with people makes you participate in new events and learn about different stories. Thus, you expand your circle of friendship and, consequently, tend to improve your relationship with other people, including your own family.

Promotes healthy competition

After starting to bond with other practitioners, a competition begins. Soon you start to strive more and more to reach the level of the others and even surpass the group record. This type of dispute is healthy and positive, as it ends up boosting everyone.

Contributes to the fun

There’s nothing better to distract yourself than working in a group. The good chats are emerging and this makes the activities more pleasurable and fun.

Contact and interaction tend to make the practice even more fruitful and enjoyable, relieving the tension and difficulties that some exercises can cause.

Generates commitment

The bonds between you and others help keep the commitment, because one will motivate the other, and training becomes part of everyone’s routine. Thus, each one commits to practice the exercises in search of better results.

Group activities are a great option for those who want company in training, however, it is necessary to make this habit become recurrent, so that the effects will be more positive.

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