Outdoor physical activity tips

Outdoor physical activities are as efficient as a weight training class and they can be extremely fun and stimulating. It is very important to exercise to keep the body healthy, promote well-being and ensure more quality of life. Even with increasingly hectic routines, it is possible to move frequently.

By choosing to do sports or physical activities in the open air, it is possible to rediscover spaces within your own city, get out of your routine in a spontaneous way and work your body and mind more and more to become a happier and healthier person.

1. Walking with advice

It is one of the best physical activities outdoors, because it can be done anywhere. Walking helps to lose weight, improves blood circulation, thus preventing cardiovascular diseases, also improves physical conditioning and is an exercise that can be done by all ages, without many restrictions.

The walk with advice ensures that you get all the benefits in the healthiest way possible. That’s because you will be accompanied by a professional who will help you with routes and will be a company so that the practice of exercises is always motivating and stimulating.

It helps you focus on your goals and ensure that your exercise routine is aligned with what you seek, both for your physical, mental and emotional health.

2. Functional training

It is becoming more and more common and it is not for nothing, it has the principle of setting up an exercise routine based on the natural movements of our body such as squatting, running, jumping, etc., seeking to challenge the practitioner each time. more within its limits.

It is a good alternative to gym exercises and can guarantee the same benefits, such as increased flexibility and strength, more balance and body awareness, and can be done outdoors.

It is quite common to see functional training classes that make use of the open spaces of cities to exercise, socialize and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

3. Cycling

It is a sport that has been conquering fans all over the world and is an incredible alternative to escape weight training or aerobic training on treadmills, for example.

Cycling has less impact on joints than running and burns just as much calories. In addition, it helps to reduce the accumulation of fats in the blood, improving cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Cycling in the city is a way of rediscovering urban spaces, getting around in a healthy way and being possible to gather groups to get out of the routine without losing focus on health and always exercise with the support and guidance of a trained professional.

4. Mountain Bike

It is one of the most challenging and unusual outdoor physical activities, because each route can be different as this modality explores routes that use and abuse natural spaces, and it is necessary to have good physical conditioning and determination to overcome obstacles.

It requires a lot of strength to pedal the bike on the trails, attention to the winding sections and resistance to improve your performance. It is an activity that tones muscles, helps you burn calories efficiently, improves physical conditioning, offers you greater contact with nature and helps you feel motivated to exercise constantly.

Precisely because it is so intense, it is necessary to count on the presence of a trained and experienced professional. Venturing out without help from someone experienced can be dangerous, so don’t compromise on safety.

5. Beach Tennis

Both for racket lovers and for beginners looking for a fun modality, Beach Tennis guarantees many benefits to those who practice it. As an intense outdoor physical activity, Beach Tennis helps you lose weight in a healthy way.

In addition, as it is practiced in the sand, it tones and strengthens the muscles, especially those of the legs and abdomen. It is a sport that contributes to socialization, offering an opportunity to meet people of different ages. That way, you can find partners to stay motivated.

6. Yoga

It is an activity that can be done both in own studios and outdoors. These places are concerned with keeping an open space precisely to provide the practitioner with greater contact with nature.

Yoga offers countless other benefits for physical and mental health, it increases flexibility through its stretches, tones muscles by making the practitioner stay within the postures, improves the oxygenation of the body from breathing exercises and meditation and reduces the stress with constant practice.

Did you see how outdoor physical activities can be stimulating and offer benefits as good as gym activities?

When practicing outdoors it is possible to enjoy all the benefits and still take advantage of all that nature has to offer.

In addition to keeping your body moving and looking for quality of life, you can enjoy the open spaces of the city where you live and make your exercise routine even more enjoyable!

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