Physical activity tips for sedentary people

Low-impact sports are the most suitable for those who want to come back or start being more active. These days we live in increasingly hectic routines.

We dedicate ourselves to our family, to our work, to our studies and we waste a lot of time in the traffic of our city, with that, we don’t even have time to rest at the end of the day.

Therefore, it is even common to stop or not even think about starting a physical activity. And with a simple blink of an eye, we become sedentary.

Therefore, we know that physical activity directly influences our mood, productivity and quality of life. Therefore, to change this situation now, it is necessary to start slowly, with low-impact activities.

Low-impact exercises are ideal for anyone looking to get started

For those who have been sedentary for a long time and want to return to physical activity or even a sport, they need to start with a low-impact exercise.

Because the body has not moved for a long time, both in a short period and in a long period, these types of activities help in physical conditioning and muscle strengthening without overloading the joints and bones.

Understand the difference between low and high impact activities, it’s basically in the intensity with which your foot touches the ground. For example, when running, your foot touches the ground many times and with great force, and in Tai Chi Chuan, even though the foot is in contact with the ground, it does not touch it with force.

Therefore, we have selected some physical activities that are considered low impact, and it is important to start with them so that after your body is more resistant and strong, you can go to a physical activity or sport that you enjoy more.


It is a sport that is practiced in the water, with that it generates low impact, because there is no collision of the body with the ground or twists, it is just the body and the water, nothing else.

In addition, it is very complete, as it works all the muscle groups in your body. Swimming is a great option for those who want to lose weight without losing lean mass and increase their physical conditioning.

On average, 500 calories are burned with each swimming class. Swimming also relieves tension, improves motor coordination, increases breathing capacity and helps with anxiety.

It is a gentle activity and the water absorbs all the low impact of this sport. For this reason, swimming is ideal for those recovering from injuries.


When we think of yoga, the first thing we think of is inner balance. Is not it? However, it is also a physical activity. In addition to benefiting the mental part, it favors physical health.

In classes, practitioners perform various poses, known as asanas, and each pose benefits a part of your body and mind. Along with the postures, it is necessary to control the breath, in this way, the practitioner must focus his mind, observing the breath and the position of each part of the body.

Taking into account the physical part, practicing it is good for the respiratory condition, posture and flexibility. Not forgetting that it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

As a whole, it provides a sense of well-being and peace. Yoga is more than just a sport, it is a philosophy of life.


It is an individual physical activity that works the whole body, has resistance gain, weight loss, muscle toning and increased heart rate.

In addition to these effects traditionally associated with physical activity, it provides gains in flexibility, balance, concentration, motor coordination, breathing and stress reduction.

So, exercisers looking for a low-impact exercise to get in shape will find a great option that meets their needs. The striking difference between Pilates and other physical activities lies in the long-term benefits.

Tai Chi Chuan

It is an ancient Chinese art, which through its smooth movements and breath control helps in the relaxation of muscles. Its movements are fluid, cyclical and smooth, requiring full attention from practitioners.

The technique consists of working the body and mind, based on meditation and concentration on breathing, which effectively helps to calm the nerves.

Among its benefits are increased concentration, strengthening of muscles, balance of emotions and flexibility of joints. Being a low impact exercise, it can be done by children, adults and the elderly, that is, all age groups.

Tai Chi Chuan can be practiced anywhere, giving preference to quiet places and outdoors.


It is one of the most accessible physical activities for everyone. Among aerobics, it is one of the sports activities that has the greatest qualities. It has a low cost, can be performed anywhere, and everyone can practice.

As it is a very simple exercise, it only requires light clothes and the use of suitable tennis shoes, so that it does not cause injuries, because, despite the low impact, it is necessary to ensure comfort for your feet.

Its benefits include strengthening muscles and bones, improving blood circulation, preventing obesity, reducing anxiety and stress, and improving body posture.

Exercising has many benefits, both for physical and psychological health. However, the practice needs to be done considering the limitations of each person, so it is recommended to have a professional follow-up.

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