Physical activity tips for seniors

Every day the number of elderly people grows worldwide. These numbers light up a great alert for the need to have health and quality of life also after the age of 60. At this stage of life, physical activities are essential.

Anyway, they help to delay aging, keep the mind active and the body strengthened. Therefore, the importance of physical activities for the elderly and which are the most suitable. Follow up!

The importance of physical activity for seniors

The benefits that physical activities for the elderly have are that they help in general well-being, improving physical and mental health, and preserving autonomy in daily activities.

Activities and exercises help a lot in controlling changes that occur due to the aging process. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to encourage the elderly to perform physical activities, improving their health, preventing the development of diseases, and delaying functional limitations.

Physical activities for the elderly, the most recommended

They should be low impact, thus avoiding injuries and developing flexibility, muscle strength and balance through exercises on the ground and in the water. Check out the most suitable activities for seniors to practice.

1. Swimming

It is one of the physical activities that, when done regularly, has great benefits related to heart rate, respiratory function and increased mobility.

This activity allows the benefits to be present without causing damage to the joints of the elderly, avoiding injuries of any kind, since exercise in the water is of little risk.

2. Water aerobics

Like swimming, it contributes to muscle strengthening, without causing damage. In addition, it improves motor coordination and helps to develop the cardiorespiratory system.

Being one of the low-risk physical activities for the elderly, water aerobics is ideal especially for elderly people who suffer from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

3. Walking

The daily habit helps to increase the well-being and disposition of the elderly who practice it. Therefore, walking for a few minutes daily helps generate energy for the muscles, works circulation and contributes to breathing.

4. Stretching

It is also part of physical activities for the elderly. It is recommended to improve body flexibility, balance, and muscle pain control, and can be performed alone or at the end of other physical activities.

This exercise is recommended mainly for elderly people with little physical mobility, who have limitations when performing more vigorous activities.

5. Bodybuilding

It is an activity that contributes to muscle strengthening. After the age of 50, it is natural for the human being to lose muscle strength, so weight training improves the pain caused by osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, in addition to helping with flexibility and carrying out daily activities.

6. Dancing

It is considered an appropriate physical activity for the elderly. During classes, it is possible to have a decrease in emotional blocks, maintain biopsychosocial interaction, decrease hypertension and improve symptoms of depression.

7. Pilates

It is the most suitable physical activity among the main ones for the elderly. Its practice brings great benefits related to the alignment of posture and muscle strengthening, in addition, it reduces the pressure between the joints, since the stretching performed is using the weight of the body itself.

Pilates also helps in preventing diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and reducing the risk of obesity.

Start physical activities gradually

For the practice of physical activities for the elderly to have a positive impact on quality of life, it is essential to follow up with a professional specialized in the area.

Therefore, before starting to exercise, it is important to undergo an evaluation, in order to receive guidance on the type of activity, frequency, intensity and duration. It is necessary to understand that the exercises must always meet the needs and health conditions of the elderly.

Thus, in addition to the follow-up of a professional at the time of physical activity, it is of fundamental importance to seek medical attention for routine exams.

Take exams before starting activities

For elderly people who have spent a lot of time without exercising, the return to these activities should be done gradually. Likewise, before starting the practice, it is very important to undergo medical attention.

Through an evaluation and the performance of routine exams, it will be possible to identify possible health problems and avoid muscle and bone injuries, which can lead to major mobility problems in the future.

In addition, it can identify cardiovascular problems, which can be fatal. With proper medical guidance, the elderly can exercise correctly, according to their limitations and needs.

Physical activities for the elderly are of fundamental importance to improve mobility, strengthen muscles, and avoid injuries to joints and bones. However, before starting it is essential to perform routine exams to avoid further problems.

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