Physical activity tips to do as a family

Did you know that, with each passing day, the number of parents who research and learn about physical activity options to do with their children increases? This interest is definitely not for nothing.

After all, in the face of such a busy routine, there is nothing better than putting together a healthy and fun program for the whole family.

That not only allows for quality time, but that can also strengthen the union with everyone, nothing better than something to promote the health and well-being of the family. For this reason, we have listed some tips to inspire you. Follow the tips!

Physical activity tips to do with the family

Here are gathered options of physical activity that you can do at home, in the leisure area of ​​the condominium, in sports clubs or in outdoor spaces in your city.

They bring different levels of intensity, this variety is interesting because you can choose the option that best fits your reality and your preferences.

1. Cycling: We start with an exercise that’s great for outdoors like parks and waterfronts. By cycling, the family develops muscles, gains better physical conditioning, reduces respiratory problems and burns fat.

As for the intensity, you are free to adjust it at the moment of the activity. Being able to start at reduced speed and without slopes and gradually increase both items, for example.

2. Swimming: It helps to strengthen bones, joints and muscles, in addition to improving breathing and blood circulation.

Although it is limited to environments with a pool, such as condominium leisure areas and sports clubs, it is a great choice for the family to exercise together.

That’s because you can be directly responsible for helping your child experience the possibilities in the water, such as floating, diving and swimming. The level of difficulty increases as you master these techniques.

3. Playing football: The national passion of Brazilians, it can be a regular activity in your family, combining leisure and health care. In addition, this practice reduces cardiovascular problems, improves motor coordination and increases musculoskeletal strength.

The high point of football is being of medium intensity. Therefore, suitable for all age groups. It is a sport practiced by teams, which can take place on club courts or condominiums, so you can enjoy a moment of interaction, fun and sharing common affinities with the whole family.

4. Perform Pilates: For those looking for a light activity that promotes balance and harmony between body and mind, Pilates is the right choice. Because it is an activity that involves stretching, breathing control and correct positioning of the spine.

Thus, it is very practical, functional and most importantly, it is adaptable. It’s not meant to be done in any setting you like, from inside your home to an outdoor area.

A tip to increase the comfort and immersion of parents and children in the activity is to play instrumental music in the background and use a PVC mat.

5. Practice different styles of dance: Because it is an activity that exercises your whole body, it improves balance and even improves physical conditioning.

The coolest thing is that there is not just one rhythm, but dozens of them, which the whole family can explore, such as zumba, hip hop, samba, among other styles.

In addition, you just need to find a free space at home to do the choreography or movements, being able to follow the guidelines of virtual classes or following videos available on dance channels on YouTube.

6. Perform functional training: They are excellent for losing weight, gaining muscle mass and increasing physical resistance. Being that, they demand appropriate equipment, such as treadmill, ergonomic bicycle, weights, ropes and others.

So if you live in a condominium with a fitness area or go to a gym or even a sports club, it’s worth a try.

Thus, it is possible to safely perform each movement or exercise working the muscles of the body, as well as actively participating in the performance of their children, which increases confidence and harmony between the family.

The benefits of doing physical activity as a family

Apart from the benefits that we have already mentioned, we cannot fail to mention other advantages that are relevant, such as strengthening the immune system, which helps to reduce the emergence of diseases that affect your disposition and well-being, reduction of sedentary lifestyle, which It is very important to prevent obesity and the onset of chronic health problems (such as diabetes and hypertension), improve psychological health, control anxiety, stress, mental fatigue, depression and other psycho-emotional disorders and learn new healthy habits, because the regular practice of physical activities encourages the family to review their diet and sleep routine, in order to have revitalized health and more energy in everyday life.

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