Reading tips for beginners

For those who want to start or restart reading and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared for you a list of great works, separated by the most varied genres. So just write down the tips and dive into the pages. Good reading!

Romance books

1. The girl who stole books (Markus Zusak)

The main character of the story is Death, whose task is to collect the souls of those who have departed and place them on the conveyor belt of eternity.

Despite having a thankless task, Death is a good-natured character, full of wit and at times, a little cynical. Her routine is interrupted by the appearance of Liesel, a little girl who should have been taken by her, but who ends up escaping three times.

2. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (John Boyne)

The story told is about two friends, Shmuel a Jewish boy imprisoned in the concentration camp and Bruno the son of a Nazi officer.

The two boys, just 9 years old, who coincidentally were born on the same day, develop a beautiful and naive friendship despite the fence that separates them. The book allows us to see through the pure eyes of children.

It was initially aimed at children and youth, but soon ended up seducing the most varied audiences.

3. My lime orange tree (José Mauro de Vasconcelos)

The story is told by Zezé, a 5-year-old boy who lives on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. But the boy’s life changes completely after his father is fired and his mother starts working outside the home.

This is how the transformations happen in the house of the boy and his three brothers Glória, Totoca and Luís. The title of the book makes reference to the boy’s best friend who is a lime orange tree, it is with her that he develops an unusual, naive, and beautiful friendship, with which we will learn a lot about our human condition.

fantasy books

4. City of Bones (Cassandra Clare)

The protagonist is young Clairy, a 15-year-old girl, who decides to go out to a trendy nightclub in New York with her best friend Simon.

And there Clairy witnesses a murder. The girl’s life changes overnight when she suddenly finds herself the only witness to a barbaric crime.

5. A Song of Ice and Fire (George Martin)

They began to be written in 1991 and were only published five years later, in Brazil they were published in 2010.

The story told is about a dispute between some families for the Iron Throne. The main families are the Targaryens, the Starks and the Lanisters. And whoever wins the contest will survive the winter, which is supposed to last 40 years.

6. The Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

The story told introduces us to a world divided into two groups, those with red blood and those with silver blood. Those of silver blood are the privileged, owners of supernatural powers, while those of red blood are condemned to serve.

The heroine is Mare Barrow, a 17-year-old girl who was born with red blood. But, by a chance of fate, she ends up being able to go to work at the Royal Palace where she starts to interact with those of silver blood and discovers that she also has powers, causing her story to change course.

Story books

7. Clandestine Happiness (Clarice Lispector)

Published in 1971, it brings together twenty-five stories and until today it is given as a super current reading. The stories are about everyday life in Rio de Janeiro and Recife between the 1950s and 1960s and have a strong autobiographical nature.

Throughout the pages we see a series of reflections on childhood, loneliness and existential dilemmas.

8. An all blue idea (Marina Colasanti)

The book launched in 1979 initially of children’s literature.

It brings together ten short stories, all set in parallel universes such as castles, forests and distant palaces, it stimulates our imagination and puts us in touch with a magical reality full of kings, gnomes and fairies.

Poetry books

9. Sentiment of the World (Carlos Drummond de Andrade)

In a context where the world was recovering from the First World War, we can read in the poems a portrait of those times when the feeling of hope and frustration with the war walked side by side.

Full of irony, it also deals with everyday matters and is a beautiful sample of the author’s lyrical.

10. Either This Or That (Cecília Meireles)

It was initially written for children, but deserves to be read by all ages. It is full of musicality and built in a simple way, the verses talk about the importance of choices and the way we choose to face the daily dilemmas that arise throughout life.

It teaches us that choosing is essential and that every choice implies a loss. The verses give us tools to deal with these questions and to understand our own incompleteness in the face of this world of possibilities.

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