Reading tips for couples

It is important to have an activity between the couple, no matter how long they are together and, especially, when they already have children.

But separating activities for the couple, without the company of other people, helps to make the relationship more enjoyable, especially if the activity stimulates change and mutual growth.

Thought of mutual growth brought you this content. These are books for you to read with your spouse.

How to separate a moment of reading for the couple?

In the dating phase, everything seems easier, the moments to be together are arranged.

But after marriage, it seems that living together is enough, and with the routine, those moments exclusively to spend time together, are lost or diminished. So, thinking about it, I brought some reading tips for you and your spouse.

Set a time to read each day

Instead of trying to read everything at once or letting time tell when you can read, set aside some time each day to read together.

See what time of day you are together at home and set aside a few minutes within that time. About 10 minutes is enough, you don’t have to spend hours reading. Take turns who will read.

try to follow the schedule

Don’t be carried away by laziness or fatigue. As much as it is an activity that one of the two does not like, commit to doing it for the other and you will see that little by little the habit is emerging and soon it will be a pleasant activity.

Take some time at the end to discuss the matter.

Talk about what each one understood, comment on how to put what was learned into practice, bring the experience to your life and try to adapt it to your lives.

It’s no use reading a book and not putting what you’ve learned into practice, they will be like wasted opportunities. If the couple liked what they read, just put it into practice.

Search for topics that interest both of you

Start with interesting topics for both, it would be nice to choose and buy together, so the motivation will come from both.

Very busy week, try on weekends

If during the week you can’t separate 10 minutes, then read it on the weekend, if you have kids, read when the kids are sleeping.

Opting for the weekend, it is necessary to increase the reading time, otherwise it will take a long time to finish the book and they will not even remember what they read the week before.

1. The Miracle Morning to Transform Your Relationship (Hal Elrod)

It uses the general context of the first book with several activities whose main purpose is to transform the couple’s relationship for the better. There will be several daily activities to enrich your life even more.

A journey of self-discovery, with the help of the enneagram, which is a tool to help us discover more about ourselves, through analysis and symbolism, we better understand what our weaknesses and strengths are and how we react to the world. Making the two of them understand each other better.

2. Anxiety 3 – Jealousy (Augusto Cury)

We know that jealousy can be a tool of destruction, even when we use the idea that just a little is healthy, but who measures how much is that little?.

In this reading, the couple will understand better about jealousy, in addition to putting into practice some activities proposed by the author, which will help both each person and the couple itself.

3. Rich Dad and Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki)

If you don’t have children yet, don’t worry, the book will bring content that will prepare the couple and each one of you for a real life, a life with demands inside and outside the couple’s life, thinking mainly about awakening financial intelligence. of the reader.

As studies don’t let us lie, a couple’s financial life is one of the factors that most cause divorces and fights, so there’s nothing better than learning together.

4. The Five Love Languages ​​(Gary Chapman)

Regardless of how many years they’ve been together, I recommend this read for couples. Through this book, you will get to know each other more and you will be able to better understand how each one loves.

No one loves the same and through this reading you will understand how the other shows love, which will make the relationship even healthier and lasting.

5. Spare Me! (Nathalia Arcuri)

Knowing how to save or manage the couple’s money well is one of the ways to achieve dreams and achievements together.

The book by brings content that will help the couple to better understand how to save, how to manage money and the couple’s and house bills, and also teach the basics for financial growth and future investments.

6. Smart couples get rich together (Gustavo Cerbasi)

In the same idea as the book above, this book has a great differential, in addition to all the enriching content, this is aimed at couples and brings themes that every couple should have in mind.

The book has taught couples all over the world and has already led many to find incredible solutions and transformations.

7. Smart couples lose weight together (Benjamin Karnuy) But of course not every couple is focused on weight loss. So for couples who have lost their way and are now trying to get back not only their physiques, but their health as a whole, the book will help them with that.

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