Reading tips for preteens

Pre-adolescence is a very complex phase, as it is at this point that they begin to deal with the challenges of growing up. Sometimes they feel confused and uncomfortable with so many changes.

Pre-adolescence is roughly from 10 to 14 years old, which is the phase between late childhood and early adolescence, which is when the physical and emotional changes of puberty show their first signs.

Some of the changes are visible and very clear, however, many of the transformations are internal. This is because they begin to experience hormonal changes.

In addition, they begin to desire more and more autonomy and independence. Literature is a great tool to start new subjects, work on different topics and start important conversations.

1. We Are All Extraordinary (R.J. Palácio)

We see Auggie’s story told in a different way, more aimed at children and pre-teens. This edition shows even more the boy’s imagination and inner conflicts.

This engaging story is among the best books for pre-teens because of its message of diversity, inclusion and acceptance!

2. The Bad Guys (Aaron Blabey)

The collection brings the Lobo, Cobra and Shark lords on different adventures to protect the Earth. With good humor, comic books show a different side of characters who are usually evil.

However, contrary to what they themselves expect, they help people and try to save the world. This is one of the best books to help young people see things from a new angle.

3. Confessions of an Excluded Girl (Thalita Rebouças)

The book brings the story of a girl who had her own space inside her spacious and luxurious apartment in Barra da Tijuca.

But at a certain point, she ended up having to share a house in Copacabana with five other totally crazy relatives. After she suffered a heartbreak and bullying, came the uncertainties and fears of this unknown place.

4. Destroy This Diary (Keri Smith)

It is a very different diary from the ones we know, after all, instead of writing down memories and records, the author invites pre-teens to destroy the diary. Each new page brings an idea of ​​fun and unusual interaction.

For example, smearing, doodling, stepping on it and even taking the diary to the shower. The goal is for each new interaction to be a surprise. Thus, the author stimulates the creativity of pre-teens and makes them think outside the box. Amazing, isn’t it?

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Roald Dahl)

Chocolate-loving young Charlie Bucket is one of five children who will meet factory inventor Willy Wonka. A magical world made of sweets, with a river of chocolate that children can enjoy!

However, he needs to live this experience with children who are very different from him, each with their flaws and qualities. In this sense, pre-teens learn about different personalities and about the pursuit of their dreams.

6. Learning to Fly (Erin Kelly)

Sometimes it is in pre-adolescence that we begin to dream about our future. Therefore, it is a very valuable book for this stage of life. The story told is about a 20-year-old girl who dreams of being a rock star.

However, the path for her to fulfill this dream has even more challenges than she imagined. With this award-winning book, your pre-teen will learn about growing up, the difficulties that life brings, and how to overcome them.

Also, they can cheer for Kelly and her dreams. And so, who knows, they will start thinking about their own dreams and goals.

7. A Sheet of Infinite Threads (Susana Ventura)

It tells stories of teenagers, each with a different nationality. In addition, they live different realities and face their own challenges. This book shows what it’s like to approach such serious and current topics in a light and accessible way.

This book is an opportunity to expand your horizons and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Through history, it is possible to look at global issues, without losing sight of the individual and his history, which gives us good emotions.

8. Teenage Brain (Daniel J. Siegel)

This book shows how it is possible to transform the difficult phase of adolescence into a transformative and rewarding experience. Between the ages of 12 and 24, the brain changes significantly and, with that, many parents of pre-teens have a lot of fears and apprehensions.

In addition, the book teaches how brain development can affect teenagers’ relationships and behavior.

The book explores very interesting ways in which understanding the functioning of the brain in teenagers can help parents make this phase positive, with change, growth and transforming their children’s lives less distressing and lonely.

9. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Carol S. Dweck)

This book reveals how we can achieve success by the way we deal with our problems and goals.

This is not a personality aspect, but a complete, scientific explanation of why we are pessimists or optimists, successful or not. It is undoubtedly a book that addresses a decisive factor for us to explore our full potential.

10. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (J.K. Rowling)

It is an introduction to the fantastic wizarding world. Since the first book in the famous series has a different atmosphere. This is the second book in a series of seven books, this one talks about the importance of friendships.

In the story, Harry already knows about the wizarding world and is living as a wizard. However, something mysterious happens at his school and his classmates believe it’s his fault. Increasingly isolated, he can only count on his best friends.

However, things get worse when her best friend is turned to stone. Talking about the importance of friendship for pre-teens is very good at this stage of life!

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