Reading tips for responsible parenting

A list of books that helps to reflect on paternity and its impact on the formation of subjects and society.

The distortion of paternity has an impact not only on the constitution of children and young people as subjects, but also on society, which reflects situations of abandonment, omission, authoritarianism and violence.

Therefore, every day it is more necessary to reflect on responsible parenthood. Below are some book recommendations that help us think about these issues.

1. On my skin (Lázaro Ramos)

The author, moved by the desire for a world in which cultural, racial, ethnic and social plurality is seen as a positive value, and not a threat, he also shares his reflections on topics such as gender, family, fatherhood, empowerment, affectivity and discrimination .

You cannot embrace difference for the sake of difference, but fight for its acceptance in a world that is still so prejudiced. It is a revealing and sincere book, which proposes a change of conduct and to be more vigilant and attentive to the other.

2. Free to fly (Ziauddin Yousafzai)

Plenty of reasons to be a proud father, as Malala survived a Taliban attack, joined Oxford University, is one of the leading voices in the struggle for women’s rights and became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner.

This book is the inspiring account of a boy who stutters who grew up in Pakistan and became one of the great activists for gender equality. It is an example for parents who want their children to make a difference, it shows how respect and education are capable of creating a better world for everyone.

3. Farewell Trilogy (João Anzanello Carrascoza)

This trilogy offers a panorama that extends in time to talk about the relationship of families. The first book, Caderno de um absentee, the father writes a letter to his newborn daughter, Beatriz, in case he was not present in her future.

In the second book, Girl writing with her father, she narrates their lives and their relationship. Finally, A Pele da terra, Mateus the eldest son of João, narrates his relationship with his son, another João, during a pilgrimage.

4. Fun home: a family tragicomedy (Alison Bechdel)

It is a comic book autobiography, in which she explores her difficult, painful and moving relationship with her father.

In addition to a masterpiece about sexuality and family relationships. A labyrinth of memories brought to life with grace, humor and the force of the greatest artistic achievements.

5. From your father (Pedro Fonseca)

It is a book talks about the birth of a father. It all started with a blog, something very intimate, personal and private, where he planned to leave letters for his children, in the hope that one day they would read them.

It became a book and also his guide, diary and map. May the love that is in these pages bring us together, and may it also be your guide, map and diary.

6. Daddy is pop (Marcos Piangers)

You are going to be a father. So you know you need a bigger house, another bedroom, a new crib. You know you have to change cars, for at least six airbags and factory air conditioning.

What the author found is that these concerns make no difference. What’s the point of paying for the best daycare if you’re the last to pick up your child. You don’t have to buy the best toys, because they like the games that don’t cost anything.

What really matters is you being with your children, not thinking about anything else, but being there with them for real.

7. Between the world and me (Ta-Nehisi Coates)

In 2014, when racism was again hotly debated in the United States, he wrote a letter to his teenage son, through a series of revealing experiences, asking questions about being black in America.

It is a profound book that articulates great questions of history with the most intimate concerns of a parent for a child, presenting a powerful new way of understanding racism.

8. My Struggle (Karl Ove Knausgård)

In the first book, A morte do pai, he goes back to his childhood in search of reconstructing the trajectory of his father, to whom he had a distant relationship.

He also investigates his own present, father of three, he adjusts to the family routine while trying to write his new novel, in a daily struggle, says the synopsis.

9. Parents who evolve: a new look at childhood (Telma Abrahão)

In this work, he addresses the importance of self-knowledge to deal with children and have emotional balance.

She also talks about the parents’ childhood and shows how moments from the past can be involuntarily repeated and affect the way children are educated, as well as addressing essential topics to strengthen the bonds of love and connection with children.

10. Hug your child (Thiago Queiroz)

When he received the news of his wife’s pregnancy, he began to live with his children a different story from the one he had with his father, more affective and participatory.

And he’s also created an active parenting network on the Internet, offering support to other parents looking for a better way to bond with their children.

This book tells how love for children and positive discipline changed one man’s story and how it can change yours too, if you open your arms to your children.

11. The eternal son (Cristovão Tezza)

A courageous and moving book, it exposes the difficulties and the delicious victories of raising a child with Down syndrome.

The author takes advantage of the issues that appeared along the way since the birth of his son, life in the community as a teenager, life as an illegal in Germany, the difficulties of a writer with some books in the drawer and stability as a professor at a public university.

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