Reading tips that can help in the education of children

That reading is a delight, there is no doubt. Is not it? Reading is a pleasurable moment that brings many benefits to adults and children, increases the cultural repertoire, strengthens family ties, develops critical thinking and encourages empathy, these are just some of the benefits of reading.

But, in addition, children’s books can be great allies for parents and educators, supporting the education and upbringing of children. With a light, playful language suitable for children’s imagination, children’s books are excellent tools when dealing with more serious and complicated matters or to assist in the routine of the little ones.

To help moms, dads and educators, we chose some works that address these more serious and complicated topics. And they show how literature, in addition to being fundamental for child development, can also be a great instrument in the education of the little ones.

1. Bruno and João (Jean-Claude R. Alphen)

In this book, one of the central themes addressed is bullying, with symbolic illustrations and a very soft text, it tells an exciting story about care, affection and overcoming.

Bruno and João are very different, but within them there is something common that unites them, friendship.

2. Two Houses and a Backpack (Sonia Mendes and Jana Magalhães)

This book is like a diary, in it the thoughts and conflicts of a little girl are transmitted to the little reader almost in a confidential tone.

We entered, in his childhood universe, in a difficult phase of his life, the separation of his parents. Her backpack, which used to be heavy, becomes lighter as she builds an extra home with her father.

3. Anger (Blandina Franco)

Who ever felt angry? Even a little anger, which without reason, starts to feed on the little things. This is the story of a feeling that grows until it explodes and takes a lot of work to fix.

This is a good opportunity to talk about emotions and explore the affective intelligence of the little ones.

4. The birds of the world (Vivina de Assis Viana)

On a trip to his grandfather’s farm, the little boy gets a bird trap. And he takes to the city the thief named Zezito, to whom he has become attached.

Over time, in his new life in the city, he realized that Zezito is no longer as happy as when he lived in the countryside, he missed the bush, fresh air and freedom.

So the boy, feeling sorry for the bird’s longing, decides to return to the place and return him to his old home.

5. Orion and the Dark (Emma Yarlett)

In this story, the boy Orion is very smart and intelligent, but his fear prevents him from having a peaceful and happy night.

So, for him to get rid of his fear, he creates amazing ideas like a lamp that lasts forever, paint the room with fluorescent paint and even capture the sun. But nothing resolves it.

Until one fine day he gets tired of so much fear and very angry, he sends the dark away. What he didn’t expect was that the dark would pay him a little visit.

6. My first day of school (Rafael Alvarenga)

Today is the big day, your first day of school. A little scared, she prepares for her new school. On the way the little girl talks to her parents and they tell you that when they were kids the first day of school was really cool.

This is a story that will show the little one how good changes can be and that their first day of school at a new school is not bad, adaptation happens fast.

7. Heroes in sight (Marcio Araújo)

The story is of Boris a puppy who always dreamed of being a hero, his greatest desire is to become a guide dog, just like his father and grandfather. For this he dedicated himself a lot in heavy training.

After a lot of dedication and being away from his family, he gets a very special mission, to be a guide dog for a blind little girl who loves to live great adventures.

8. What’s Inside Your Diaper? (Guido Van Genechten)

This is a book loved by parents and little ones who are in the process of weaning. He talks about the subject in a relaxed and accessible way for children to understand, which makes it easier to move forward at this time.

9. Menina Nina – Two Reasons Not to Cry (Ziraldo)

Get your tissues ready, this book is exciting! Introducing Nina’s relationship with her grandmother Vivi. In the development of history, we face the end of life and with all sensitivity and respect. Masterfully, it will make you rethink your tears.

10. I want to be born again (Illan Brenman)

This is a book that deals with the arrival of the little brother. Sophia’s parents found an interesting way to talk about the little brother that is coming. With a lot of affection and a beautiful dialogue, love takes the place of jealousy.

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